Trusted Digital Identity is Key for Your Next Big Idea

Polygon ID provides privacy focused tools to put users in control of their identity across every digital surface. Make identity better.

What are the benefits of Polygon ID?

Don’t Trust, Verify

Verify the credentials provided by your users in a privacy-preserving manner thanks to zero knowledge proofs. This reduces your compliance risk and guards against bots and sybil attacks!

Out of the Box Credentials

Join our marketplace of credentials to save time when building your identity solution. Looking to discover pre-existing credentials? How about creating your own and sharing with the ecosystem? The marketplace has it all in one place.

Connect Off-Chain & On-Chain

Polygon ID is the first identity solution that allows users to use zero-knowledge proofs to interact with smart contracts, based on rich Verifiable Credential documents issued off-chain. We support both web3 and web2 applications.

Multi-chain Solution

Our passionate team of researchers, zk engineers, and developers built open source software that follows W3C standards (W3C, DID) and uses the latest zero-knowledge technology that is compatible with any EVM chain.

How does Polygon ID work?



Issue and explore credentials.

Issuers build verifiable credentials about identity. These can be things like: KYC, proof of membership to a DAO, government documents, and more. Credentials can be claimed by users and accepted by verifiers.



Store and manage your credentials.

Users can claim, store, and manage credentials. Choose what information is shared when the credentials are used. Example? A user can prove their name and age with a verifiable credential without revealing their exact date of birth.



Authenticate users based on credentials.

dApps can integrate Polygon ID components to verify user credentials and help their projects grow.

Still not convinced? Hear from the community

The Polygon ID team supports developers and organizations building their own decentralized identity solutions.


Gain the knowledge and confidence to leverage the full potential Polygon ID.

Polygon ID FAQs

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